If you have found ABM, consider yourself very lucky! From the time ABM took over my food business, everything has gone RIGHT… No more expensive mistakes! Steve and his team are not only experts and masters of their trade, they are honest and good guys who make this business enjoyable and fun! Their name says it all…ACTION!

Missy Chase Lapine, Owner, TheSneakyChef.com

Jeff and I worked together at Ian’s Natural Foods in its infancy, at the time Ian’s had great products but nobody knew about the items or the brand. As Marketing Director Jeff put the Ian’s name on the map, first by developing a “new look” to the packaging and then by marketing the brand on a shoestring budget. Being a small company with a small budget it was required of Jeff to get a great bang for every buck he spent and Jeff did exactly that. Jeff wore many hats in the beginning and was a major asset in getting Ian’s off the ground.

John Maggiore, Owner, Maggiore’s Sales

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Jeff in his role at Ian’s Natural Foods, and Claridge Food Group. When we first met and started working together in early 2005, Jeff was leading marketing efforts at Ian’s, then a small new entrant in organic and celiac-solution foods. Under his direction Ian’s grew dramatically, became a leader in the category and was ultimately acquired by Claridge. Jeff then led marketing efforts at Claridge, including Glutino, Gluten-Free Pantry, Ian’s, and Healthy Handfuls, with remarkable results. Jeff’s understanding of his brands’ consumers, and the many forward-thinking programs that Jeff created and managed with his team to engage them, are no doubt the keys to the success of these niche brands. Jeff is a genuinely good guy, brilliant marketer, engaged innovator, and enthusiastic collaborator. I’m grateful to count him among my favorite clients, as well as a great friend.

Bill Goodwin, Founder & CEO, Goodwin Design Group, Inc

I had the great pleasure of working with Jeff while he was with Ian’s Natural Foods and I was with Organic Milling of Georgia. At the time Jeff was working on a new line of cookies and crackers, he had a vision and plan as well as a passion for the products that I was fortunate enough to witness first hand. Because of his foresight and planning the launch was a huge success. Jeff is an intelligent and motivated individual who is more than capable of managing projects large and small. I was fortunate to have worked with him and hope to again in the future.

Jerry Rumker, Biz Dev Manager, Organic Milling

ABM visited our bakery and production layout on a recent visit. They immediately identified areas that needed improvement. They were able to suggest changes using existing equipment and by re-arranging our production layout. We implemented the changes and after the first production day, we were able to increase our production volume by 50%! Thank you ABM!

Bakery, Owner,