What does your packaging say about you?

If it’s tamper-proofed, the buyer knows you care about customer safety.

If it’s designed to enhance the product’s inherent value, the buyer knows you understand what’s important to your customers. Prominent branding and useful consumer information clearly demonstrate that.

If it’s not over-packaged, the buyer knows you’re paying attention to the negative effect that unnecessary cost, waste, or any unwise use of resources has on your consumers and the environment.

Those are only a few reasons why so many manufacturers choose overwrapping to “finish” their product’s primary packaging.

According to one industry expert, “The overall package communicates the integrity of the product inside.”*

What message do you want  your customer to receive from your packaging? Which issues do you consider when you construct your packaging?

Overwrapping sends the right message. It can provide product safety, sustainability, shelf appeal, easy consumer access to product information, overall savings to both the consumer and manufacturer right now… even as the packaging industry works on creating solutions to the new challenges that will undoubtedly arise in the future.

*Packaging Digest, Report: “Flexing Their Muscles… with innovation”, 4/1/06

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